Lynette Colosimo Jolicoeur

I founded Flying Olive Adventures, LLC in 2011 as a manifestation of my desire to share fabulous, hands-on, vacation experiences. When I visit other countries, I want to immerse myself in the local culture. I want to experience life as the locals do and interact by participating in everyday life. I want to feel as though I “lived there” for a week and did not simply view my host country from the deck chair of a cruise ship or window seat of a tour bus.

I was fortunate to travel to Greece last year with my husband John, where we began our friendship with Chef Katerina. It was our love for wonderful food and our commitment to culinary pursuits that forged our bond. Katerina and I quickly decided that we needed to form an alliance so that we could share her beautiful island with the rest of the world. Brian Gibbons became the third corner of our “adventure triangle” as he has a long relationship with Katerina and the Odyssey Centre, having led kayak adventures in Poros for more than seven years.

As for me, I have formal culinary training and have worked in the restaurant world for years. I have shared my food knowledge as a cooking instructor, television personality and print media contributor.

My husband, cooking and kayaking partner John, works in Global R&D for one of the world’s leading consumer companies. He has traveled the world over during the course of his career. In our blended family we have six children and we reside in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area. John and I espouse a healthy, active lifestyle and we believe that a vacation should be interactive and hands-on. We will be in constant development of new vacation destinations and adventure programs. We will join you on as many adventures as we possibly can! Our commitment is to bring you exciting, high-quality programs and experiences…and of course, memories to last a lifetime.