Katerina Sakelliou

Your host for all Greek cooking as well as all local sightseeing excursions and activities at Odyssey Centre is Katerina Sakelliou. Katerina is passionate about cooking and is interested and knowledgeable in the historical roots of traditional Greek cuisine. Katerina specializes in both traditional and modern Greek cooking. Katerina’s skills have become very sought after and when she is not giving lessons in Poros or preparing and supervising the meals at Odyssey Bistro in Askeli, she also provides lessons in Greek cooking throughout other parts of Europe.

Katerina shares her expertise and her passion for her culture and her food in the hopes that what you learn from participating in her Greek cooking adventure will last you a lifetime and provide you with new and exciting, delicious and healthy, future meals for your family and friends at your home country upon your return from your Poros Adventure.

Not only is Chef Katerina well-versed in the Greek kitchen, she is also an expert in local lore and Greek history. She is proud of Poros and her country and is always eager to share the customs, traditions and historical significance of Greece as the birthplace of modern civilization.

Katerina, her husband Rik and their daughter Dora split their time during the year between Rik’s native Holland and Katerina’s hometown of Poros where Katerina’s family owns several local inns and tavernas

While in Holland, Katerina spends her time teaching Greek Cooking and promoting her beloved island of Poros..