Welcome to Flying Olive Adventures!

Flying Olive Adventures has joined with three very accomplished and exciting international partners to bring you a variety of amazing, interactive, all-inclusive “adventure vacations”. Our mission is to provide the portal through which you can journey to live a slice of the local life and experience cultures, cuisines and camaraderie. Our vacations are truly hands-on! Whether you are creating a traditional feast in the kitchen of an authentic, Greek chef, hunting for Italian truffles in a Tuscan forest or taking in the breathtaking Scottish coastline from the seat of a kayak, you will take away lifelong memories of your Flying Olive Adventure. Don’t just sit there! Come and join us!

Our Destinations

The Tranquil Island of Poros, GREECE

Fort William and The West Highlands of SCOTLAND

The Tuscan Countryside- Beautiful Montepulciano, ITALY